quest LLC

CEO: Christoph Millotat

Established March 3rd, 2020


Business description:

・ Architecture design planning, execution & supervision. 

・ Visualization and presentations of building designs.

・ Interior design, space design, retail design planning, and execution & supervision. 

・ Planning, design, construction, and supervision of hospitality facilities.

・ Town development design support and consultation for the reuse of vacant housing & renovation. 

・ Brand development and planning.

・ Design management consulting.

・ Communication & graphic design, illustration, and production.

・ Design, production, and editing of promotional materials, such as business cards, logos, pamphlets, etc.

・ Planning and management of seminars,  workshops, exhibitions, and pop-up events.

・ Interpretation and translation services and interpreter dispatch services.

・ All business related to or related to the preceding items.

Address: ​ASTEM 8F,134 Chudoji-Minamimachi, Shimogyo-Ku,

zip 600-8813 Kyoto, Japan


Company Registration Number: 1300-03-006452

Head office: Kyoto, Japan